Where Did My Sidebar Go?

Recently, one of my blogging friends contacted me with a problem. She has a three column template and her third column had dropped down below her post section. She had made no changes to her template or sidebar items. One day the column was in the right place, the next it was at the bottom of her blog. Weird! 

I tried everything to get the third column back in the right place. I reinstalled her template, installed a different template on her blog, removed her sidebar items, tinkered with the widths of her post section and sidebars......nothing worked. I was stumped! It had to be a Blogger glitch...didn't it? 

We gave it a little time and the problem did not correct itself. Finally, I started going through her posts and seeing if one of them had perhaps caused the problem. I went to the homepage of her blog and clicked on her first post title. The sidebar popped back up into the right place! Then I went back to her homepage and clicked on another title and so on and so forth until I found the post that made the column drop down again. I went in, saved the post as a draft, and the problem was solved. 

What caused the problem? Turns out there was a lot of extra code in the html of the post that didn't show up in compose mode. This happens when you make a lot of changes to your post before publishing it. For example: Have you ever have spacing issues within your posts? When you click enter to go to a new line of text, a code is created that can only be seen in edit html mode. When you delete that space, sometimes the code remains. It must be deleted in order for it not to show up on your post.

It's a good idea to either write your posts in edit html mode or to click to that mode and delete the extra code before publishing. It's sometimes hard to see what code is extra and what needs to be there. If you are not familiar with simple html code, I would not even worry about deleting extra code unless you have a problem. 

Hope this helps! Happy Blogging! :)