Post Tweets on Your Blog

Got a Twitter account? This tutorial will show you how to get the nifty little gadget above for the sidebar of your blog. Click on any of the images below to enlarge and open in a new window. 

To get the Twitter gadget for your blog:

1. Log into your Twitter account.

2. Click on 'goodies' at the very bottom:

3. Click on 'widgets':

4. Click on 'my website':

5. Click on 'profile widget':

6. Enter your Twitter username (no spaces!) if it is not already in the box:

7. Click on 'preferences' and select what you would like to show up on your gadget:
Click on 'test settings' to preview.

8. Click on 'appearances' and play around to your heart's desire:

9. Click on 'dimensions' and set the width to about 5px less than the width of your sidebar. If you do not know the width of your sidebar, check the 'auto width' box:
You may have to come back to this step if the gadget does not fit well. Most sidebars are less than 200px wide, so I would start there first. Make the length as long as you want it.

10. Click on 'test settings' to make sure you're happy with the finished product. If not, go back to steps 7 and 8 and adjust the settings. You will not be able to see the width of the actual gadget in the preview.

11. When you are happy with the gadget, click on 'finish and grab code'.

12. Click on the add to Blogger button and follow the directions to select the blog you want the gadget to appear on. Then click on 'add widget'. You can also copy the html code and paste it into a html/javascript gadget, if you prefer:

13. Once it appears, you can add click on 'edit' and add centering tags to center it if you'd like. You can drag the gadget to wherever you want it on your Page Elements page.

Did you know that I send out tweets every time I publish a new post?