Adding Video to Posts

Ever want to add a personal video or a funny clip from You Tube to your blog? Adding video to your posts can be intimidating if you've never done it before. Luckily it's pretty easy to do! :)

You can use Blogger's video uploading tool or an outside source (like Photobucket or YouTube) to upload video to your blog. I prefer to use Photobucket to upload my videos. Why? Because the Blogger uploading tool takes several minutes (10+) to upload a 15 second video on my computer. It may be easier, but it drives me crazy.

If you are using the new editor, you will need to switch to the old editor in order to load a video via Blogger. You can easily switch to the old editor by going to your dashboard-->settings-->basic and scrolling all the way down. Select 'old editor' and save. When you are ready to switch back, just repeat the process selecting 'updated editor' instead.

How to put your own video in a post via Blogger:
1. While writing your post, click on the video uploading tool- it looks like a tiny filmstrip:
2. A box will open that looks like this:
3. Browse your files for the video you'd like to use. To my knowledge, you cannot use the Blogger tool to upload video from anywhere other than your own computer.

4. Title it.

5. Read the terms and conditions. If you agree, check the box. If not, refer to the other sets of instructions below.

6. Click on Upload Video. It may take several minutes for your video to load.

How to upload a video from Photobucket:
1. Upload the video.

2. Copy the HTML code. Make sure to copy the whole thing.
3. Open your post and click on 'edit HTML'.
4. Paste the html code of your video wherever you'd like to put it. If you'd like to center your video, type in <center> at the beginning of the code and </center> at the end.

5. Preview and publish when ready.

If you get a message saying that your HTML tag is not closed properly, you may need to add </embed> to the end of the code (before </center> if you centered the video)

How to Upload a video from YouTube:
1. Find the video that you want to put in your post.

2. Copy the 'embed' code (to the right of the video). Make sure to highlight the whole code.

3. Open/create your post. Click on 'edit html' and paste the embed code wherever you'd like your video to appear. If you'd like to center your video, type in <center> at the beginning of the code and </center> at the end.
4. Preview and publish when ready.

Have fun! :)